Elation (Booth #1203) is showcasing new products at ETS-LDI2005 in Orlando.

Elation has introduced the DMX Partner, a hand-held DMX recorder/playback unit that will accept information from any universal DMX controller and play it back anytime, anywhere. Measuring under 8”x4.5” and weighing 1.5lbs, the DMX Partner can command a professional intelligent light show, while fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The DMX Partner features 96 DMX channels, it can hold eight chases of up to 99 steps each. It can also hold two light shows of up to 99 steps each with separate speed and fade time adjustment. It has a mini-joystick that can be assigned to fixtures for pan and tilt control. Chases and shows can be played back either in Sequence Mode, one at a time, or in Mixed Mode with all eight chases and two shows playing during one session. When in Mixed Mode, the DMX Partner will incorporate the Highest Takes Precedence (HTP) Principle.

Data can be transferred between any universal DMX controller and the DMX Partner via the unit’s DMX In/Out connections. Information can also be transmitted between a personal computer and the DMX Partner (or between two DMX Partners), using Elation’s proprietary RS-232 software (available free online at Elation’s website).

Other features on the DMX Partner include a programmable strobe function, password protection, and blackout control. It can be run in three modes: DMX, Audio, or Manual.

The DMX Partner can be pre-programmed to be set for selected American DJ and Elation Professional lighting fixtures, including the Accu Spot 250 II, Pocket Scan, Rainbow 250, Spiral Scan and X-Caliber.

Elation is also showcasing it’s upgraded Focus Spot 250 moving-head intelligent spotlight, the 250W Focus Spot 250R. The 250R features remote DMX addressing–known as RDMX–which gives users the ability to change the Focus Spot 250R’s DMX values remotely, from any standard DMX console.

The Focus Spot 250R is equipped with 11 DMX channels. Its features include full 360º moving head rotation, a high-luminous-efficiency axial reflector, a double condenser lens system, LED display, stand-alone settings, mechanical dimming 0–100%, and a variable speed strobe pulse effect.

The Focus Spot 250R features eight dichroic color filters plus white and six rotating interchangeable indexable gobos (three metal, two dichroic glass, one textured glass) plus spot. The Focus Spot 250R also features a gobo shake effect, gobo scroll mode, and continuous color.

The 250R offers remote focusing via DMX. The unit is equipped with a motor-driven focus from near to far. The Focus Spot 250R comes with a Phillips MSD250/2 250W discharge lamp with a 3,000-hour life. The Focus Spot 250Rutilizes an innovative one-arm design and measures only 13”L x 13”W x 22”H.

Elation has also added a new on/off effects switch to its DP-DMX20L universal dimmer pack and transformed it into a multi-tasking "hybrid" pack.

With this new feature, the popular 4-channel DP-DMX20L is capable of not only dimming par cans, but also of turning fog machines and other special effects on and off. This allows DJs and lighting directors to operate all of their fixtures from one control unit, as opposed to having to use both a dimmer pack and power pack.

Users have the ability to individually assign any or all of the DP-DMX20L's 4 channels to either dim for linear control or switch for on/off control. For example, they can set 2 channels to dim and 2 channels to switch. This assignable function makes the DP-DMX20L extremely versatile, allowing it to be adapted to different lighting needs.

The DP-DMX20L includes a built-in 4-channel chaser. It operates on 1000 watts per channel, with a total of 2000 watts or 20 amps on at a time.

Compact and lightweight, the DP-DMX20L is ideal for mobile applications. It measures 10.25"Lx 8.25"W x 3"H, and weighs 6lbs.

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