Martin Professional will be showing a prototype version of a new tungsten MAC luminaire, the MAC TW1, at the LDI show in Orlando.

The new MAC TW1 is a 1200W tungsten wash fixture that brings to the stage and set an array of avant-garde features to equip the lighting designer with the broadest possibility of effects, colors, and design. Innovation runs through the product with newly patent pending technology removing any obstacle to creativity. The lower color temperature of the MAC TW1 brings the warmth of traditional theatre and TV looks up to date.

An twin lens zoom system allows for greater flexibility in fixture placement without the need to change the front lens, and a full and comprehensive CMY color mixing system provides a full range of colors, from delicate pastels to deep saturation. The MAC TW1 features a choice of internal or external electronic dimming. Using any voltage with any lamp, users can choose the internal electronic system or connect to an external dimmer for consistency in dimming curves among all fixtures.

Heat issues have been effectively dealt with as well. Cold light reflector technology combines with a new, patent pending cooling design to quickly and silently dissipate excess heat away from the stage and set.

A full auto-sensing switch mode power supply equipped for internal 80V lamp control gives a higher lamp output and provides the fixture with global consistency with everything contained within the fixture – eliminating the need for external power boxes and cables. Additionally, Intelligent Logic Control protects the lamp from operating before the fixture’s electronic safety devices are running.

Get an up-close look at this new fixture at Martin Booth #384 at LDI.