Entertainment Technology announces that software version 3.0 for the Marquee™ and Marquee™ ILC lighting control consoles will be released on November 11, 2005, at the 2005 ETS-LDI Trade Show in Orlando, Florida.

“We are very excited to be releasing software version 3.0 for the Marquee lighting control consoles,” states Alan Keen, Entertainment Technology product manager. “With this upgrade, the Marquee and the Marquee ILC are continuing to set themselves apart from the other consoles on the market.”

Designed by Horizon Control, the new software version 3.0 will introduce the Effects Editor feature to the lighting control consoles. Along with allowing the user to build their own effects on to any lighting attribute, the Effects Editor feature will include pre-defined effects such as “Ballyhoo”, “Cancan”, “Circle”, “Rainbow”, “Intensity Wave”, “Block Move”, etc.

Also inside software version 3.0, the Independent Attribute Timing will give programmers the ability to add unlimited cue dynamics on every attribute of every fixture in every cue. The Fanning Tool will facilitate the even adjustment of attribute values and timing to quickly give a lighting rig symmetry and fluid cue movements. The added Touch Screen Support will better utilize Marquee’s graphical user interface giving programmers direct interactive contact with the software.

“Version 3.0 of the Marquee software rounds out the feature set to include all the hot-button items that our users have been asking for,” says Robert Bell, Horizon Control product manager. “When you add in tools such as these to an existing robust and expansive desk, the product line’s popularity is sure to soar.”

Marquee and Marquee ILC users may download software version 3.0, at no cost, through www.etdimming.com, or www.horizoncontrol.com.