At ETS-LDI 2005, Look Solutions unveiled the prototype of their new Low Fogger at the Look Solutions Booth.

The new Low Fogger consists of a 2,000W fog machine and chilling chamber in a single, compact, road-worthy housing. The Low Fogger housing measures just 20”x20”x12”. An external dewar of liquid carbon dioxide is required to cool the fog from the Low Fogger. Dewars of CO2 are easily obtainable in any major town or city. “This is a great new addition to the Look Solutions range,” remarks Nathan Kahn of Look Solutions USA, Ltd. “Low fog is so much more convenient to use than dry ice–even after factoring in the dewar of CO2. This is an exciting new arena for us and we are looking forward to seeing what people think of the Low Fogger.”

The head of R&D from Look Solutions in Germany will be on hand at IAAPA in Atlanta, GA, to take comments and suggestions for inclusion in the final design of the Low Fogger. The production model of the Look Solutions new Low Fogger will be released in 2006.

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