Lex Products has nominated its 19-Pin Weatherproof Cover for the 2005 ETS-LDI Widget of the Year. At ETS-LDI, Lex Products is introducing the 19-Pin Weatherproof Cover (Catalog #LSC-19-WPFC), a protective cover for 19-pin outlets, designed to protect 19-pin outlets from dust, rain, or other contaminants. It is designed to allow the densest possible spacing of outlets. The frame and spring are heavy-duty stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance. The gasketed cover is insulating polycarbonate for strength and weather/dust protection properties.

The cover can easily be added to existing outlets. It is only certified as weatherproof with Lex LSC 19 Pin outlets, but will provide mechanical and dust protection to any 19-pin outlet. UL Listed for wet and dewy locations.

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