LaserNet (Booth # 1729) is introducing Trinity and Matrix entertainment RGB laser systems to the US.

The full-color, solid-state RGB laser systems feature the diode laser technology. Aligning an array of diodes into a single white light laser beam eliminates the traditional laser requirements of three-phase power and water cooling. The lasers are now truly plug and play. Powered By Pangolin software is included exclusively with the Trinity and Matrix laser systems.

"To be honest, I never thought I'd see the day when we could have full color lasers without the water and three-phase power,” comments Tom Harman, LaserNet’s president. “These long life diodes are a technical break-through that's going to change the way everyone looks at laser shows from now on."

LaserNet will also feature their Cobre laser projector and Beam Raider laser at their LDI booth. The 5W, air-cooled Cobre was recently installed in TAO, at the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas. The Beam Raider was installed with a 5W White light laser at KISS at the Revolution complex, a new South Florida nightclub. Both systems utilize bounce mirrors to create 3D beam grids throughout the room and project aerial atmospheric patterns over the dance floor.

LaserNet is the exclusive distributor of the Trinity and Matrix special effects laser systems.

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