James Thomas Engineering will showcase their new PixelEight fixture at ETS-LDI in Orlando, Nov. 11-13. Traditionally called a blinder or 8-lite, the PixelEight RGB Blinder is the first in a new series of contemporary versions of classic instruments from the company.

The PixelEight LED version is ideal for audience and stage lighting illuminations and other long-throw applications with its 6º beam. It has independent control of each LED pixel affording creative programming opportunities, and both rows of LEDs can be panned/focused to spread the beams. An internal Effects Engine produces color strobing and color scrolling effects. It’s optimized to work with JTE’s PixelDrive LED mapping software.

It can be hung vertically or horizontally. The unit projects no heat, so it can be placed within close proximity to performers, stage sets, screens, or drapes. PixelEight draws a current of 1A at full power and has a black powder finish as standard with other colors available to order.

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