Hoffend, manufacturer of the Vortek® automated rigging system, announced the introduction of Vortek® Point, the first point hoist that can be fully integrated with the Vortek® Automated Rigging System, introduced in 2003 by Hoffend & Sons.

Full working models of Vortek® Point will debut at LDI in November at the Hoffend booth, #713. The point hoist is in production and will begin shipping to customers directly following LDI.

Uniquely versatile, Vortek® Point is safer than most chain hoists and competing point hoists. Each unit comes equipped with the patented Vortek® dual braking system, which is provided as standard equipment. The continuously engaged, strictly mechanical brake is accompanied by an electro-magnetic motor brake, rated at a minimum of 150% of the motor’s rated torque.

Vortek® Point is lightweight, self contained, completely portable, and rugged. Each point hoist module can be attached to a single I-beam, to replace chain hoists, or wheeled to a position on the grid, with zero fleet angle lift lines dropping directly out of the unit. Vortek® Point hoist modules can also be orientated in different directions. Each of these units has two lift lines that can exit the unit from either of two sides, for a variety of different configurations and uses.

Vortek® Point is offered as a hoist module that can be integrated into the Vortek® Automation Center (VAC), the sophisticated Pro-Series control system. With this compatibility to the automation system, the point hoist can be grouped and cued (with full Pro Series capability) along with the rest of the rigging system. In addition, Vortek® Point can be set up quickly in single or multiple hoist module configurations and controlled by Vortek®’s basic “push button” S-series control system.

Vortek Point is available in various models with speeds of up to 180'/minute, with 1200 pounds of lifting capacity; or speeds of up to 90'/minute, with lifting capacity of 1400 pounds. Units are provided with standard 65' or 100' of travel distance. Wire rope is available in both 3/16” and 1/4” GAC.

This new point hoist can be used as a chandelier hoist, and is portable enough to be taken on the road for event rigging.