City Theatrical (Booth #1221) will showcase its new the PDS-50™ and PDS-375 TR™ power/data supplies at ETS-LDI in Orlando, November 11-13.

The PDS-50 is designed for Color Kinetics® ColorBlast®, ColorBurst®, and iColor® Cove LED lighting fixtures. Its technology combines both WDS™ wireless data and either battery or mains operation, giving it the ability to be a totally wireless DMX controlled LED lighting fixture.

The low-power consumption of LEDs and the reliability of the WDS Wireless Data System give designers and users the ability for the first time to light a show without AC power or generators, power distribution to hook up, power cables, dimmers, or data cables.

Additional features include built-in color mixing, low heat, no dimmer noise, and 20 hours of battery life on a rolling fade or seven hours of battery life at full output (mixing white light) when using a City Theatrical Battery Box. The PDS-50 joins the company’s PDS-750 TR™ and PDS-375 TR™ power/data supplies for Color Kinetics LED fixtures.

The PDS-375TR™ is a six circuit version of CTI’s PDS-750 TR™ and is a durable touring style LED power/data supply with XLR outputs, selectable DMX addresses, built in stand alone mode, and a built in Mini-Zapi™. Its design features a built in carrying handle and mounting hole for hanging from a c-clamp.

The PDS-50 and PDS-375 TR join City Theatrical’s PDS-750 TR™ power/data supply for Color Kinetics LED fixtures, and give users even more flexibility in the way they use their Color Kinetics lighting equipment. City Theatrical’s power/data supplies for Color Kinetics are available through City Theatrical distributors worldwide.

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