What science fiction post-cyberpunk author will you meet at Envision? Neal Stephenson will speak at the 2014 Envision Symposium, which explores the DNA of Storytelling, Design, and Technology. This high-octane symposium will be held September 11-13 in Monterey, CA, with Bran Ferren and Bob Bonniol serving as co-creative consultants. Register today to hear him speak! Learn about this exciting speaker below.

I don't know what is next in storytelling but I can tell you a few things about what I have been doing! - Neal Stephenson

Neal Stephenson is an author of science fiction and historical fiction. He has a technical bent and a background in various ventures such as Blue Origin and Intellectual Ventures Labs. For most of his career he has been working, with varying levels of success, on ways of bridging literature to electronic media.