Video: Dave Matthews Band Away From The World Tour


Dave Matthews Band hits the road with a North American tour to preview upcoming album Away From The World, due for September release. Designed by Fenton Williams, the tour features lighting supplied by Theatrical Media Services and video supplied by Williams' own company, Filament Productions.

Dave Matthews Band Away From The World Partial Gear List

2 MA Lighting grandMA 2
1 MA Lighting grandMA 2 light
2 MA Lighting MA NSP Network System Processor
2 MA Lighting MA NPU Network Processor Unit
42 Philips Vari-Lite VL3000 Spot
30 Philips Vari-Lite VLX LED Wash
17 Clay Paky Sharpy
42 Martin Professional MAC Aura
18 i-Pix BB4
7 i-Pix BB7
21 Pixel Range PixelPar 90

3 Green Hippo Hippotizer Media Server

4 X-Laser Dimension 3D Laser
42 Martin Atomic 3000 Strobes
2 MDG MAX 5000 APS Fog Generator
2 MDG MAX 3000 APS Fog Generator

2 TMB Pro Power 96-Way Moving Light Distro
2 TMB Data Lynx DMX Data Back Up
12 Doug Fleenor Design Data Splitters

1 Clear-Com MS702 Intercom Base Station
12 Clear-Com Headset and Beltpack

12 Tyler Truss 20.5"x10' Truss
3 Tyler Truss 20.5"x5' Truss
6 Tyler Truss 20.5"x8' Truss
16 Tyler Truss 12”x10’ Truss
2 Tyler Truss 12”x5’ Truss
4 Tyler Truss 12”x3’ Truss

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