Motley Crue has a reputation for fast and furious rock ‘n roll. So it should come as no surprise that preparation for the band’s reunion tour came on just as strong.

For Motley Crue’s reunion tour, Red, White, and Crue, Ed & Ted’s Excellent Lighting asked Tomcat USA to custom build structures. Along with standard MD bolted truss, Tomcat also manufactured a custom circle with 24' OD and some custom curved lighting tubes. Within four days, these custom fabrications were built and powder coated black.

"Working closely with [lighting designers] Spike and Justin of Artfag LLC, a custom curved support structure needed to be created and the clock was ticking," comments Ted Fowler of Ed & Ted’s Excellent Lighting. "Exchanging CAD drawings via email and often in the middle of the night, a total solution was achieved and a shop order placed in the nick of time. It takes desire and passion at many levels to accomplish these great goals. It is obvious to Ed & Ted's that Tomcat has the right people in right place to achieve great goals in a short period of time."

Motley Crue’s launched their "Red, White and Crue – Better Living Than Dead" reunion tour on February 14 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. To date, over 120 dates are scheduled in the US, Canada and Europe