Multi-platinum Canadian band Nickelback has added G-LEC LightFrames from Scharff Weisberg to its 2006 tour in support of its All The Right Reasons album.

Two pods consisting of 15 G-LEC LightFrames each, flank a high-resolution Barco LED screen serving as a dynamic backdrop for the band. The modular GLEC LED displays, configured in a vertical rectangular fashion, feature content created by Seattle’s Mode Studios.

“Nickelback’s tour marks the first time G-LEC LightFrames have been used on a rock show here in the US,” reports Scharff Weisberg director of technology Lars Pedersen. “While on tour, the GLEC product has proven to be very reliable and the modular nature of the Frames facilitates quick set-up and tear-down. It also allows for an extremely efficient touring package. Creatively, The GLEC LightFrames provide a dynamic LED canvas allowing the designers to display brilliant colors and animated patterns using media produced with traditional content creation applications.”

To ensure proper media distribution, Scharff Weisberg also provided three Green-Hippo media servers: One feeds the main hi-res screen, one feeds the LightFrames using the inherent Green-Hippo PixelMapper software, and one serves as a backup unit. The Hippotizers, programmed by Scharff Weisberg’s Peter Acken, are linked via Ethernet to a MA Lighting grandMA console for fast and easy triggering of the video elements. Additionally, the same grandma also controls the conventional and moving lights used on the show.

“Scharff Weisberg has been great to deal with. They came to the table through Mode and introduced a whole new element to the show that we never would have thought of. It has a new dimension and works really well with out existing light show,” comments Tour Manager Kevin Zaruk (aka Chief).

“Scharff Weisberg threw all their resources at the project. It’s great to be supported to that extent,” adds Tommy Hague, senior project manager at Mode Studios. “Everyone was nervous about using a new technology but Lars and Peter (Scharff) were great, and they made sure a top guy, Peter Acken, worked with us until everything was done. The result is that the band loves the look of the G-LECs and the look of the show,” Hague concludes.