The Concert for Diana, sponsored by the Princes William and Harry of Great Britain, was a musical tribute to their late mother Diana, Princess of Wales. Held on July 1st to celebrate her life 10 years after her passing, the five-hour live broadcast featured artists from Lily Allen, Andrew Rice Webber to Sir Elton John, and Duran Duran.

A massive stage was installed in the newly rebuilt Wembley Stadium in London complete with an extensive video installation acting as scenery to enhance the show. Layer after layer of low res Barco MiTrix LED screen parted to reveal the centerpiece Nocturne Productions high resolution Saco V9 LED screen.

"The V9 Nocturne Productions screen became our best choice for the design, as the lightest weight high resolution LED screen in the market." says Albert Lawrence, production manager for the event. "There was nothing else that even came close in ease of installation for the main high res screen on stage."

Broadcast live to over 140 countries including NBC in the US, the show also included performances by the English National Ballet, P. Diddy, and Tom Jones.