KRCC, local NPR station in Colorado Springs, Colorado, selected Mountain Light Company to provide lighting services for their annual Blues Under The Bridge event. By using LED lighting it is estimated that the carbon footprint of the event was reduced by about 220 pounds on each day of the two-day event.

As a sponsor and service provider to the event, Mountain Light Company used 30 Color Kinetics (now Philips Solid State Lighting Systems) ColorBlast LED fixtures in place of 24 traditional incandescent ellipsoidal fixtures. Each ColorBlast uses 50 watts of power compared to about 500 watts required by most stage lighting fixtures. The wattage required for the stage lighting was thereby reduced from an estimated 12,000 watts to 4,950 watts.

In addition to the electrical savings, the national acts and local artists that performed during the 10-hour show also benefited from a cooler atmosphere because LEDs produce 90 percent less heat as they create light. “LEDs are the wave of the future and we are proud to showcase their many attributes at this benefit show,” notes Mountain Light Company’s John Fuller.