MB Productions (MBP) was contracted to enhance the highly technical Roger Waters concert, held recently at Madison Square Garden for two nights.

MBP teamed with Live Nation, a live events promoter, to deliver the concert support package for this historic show. MBP provided a four-camera Sony D50ws SDI Flypack configured to shoot the performance in a widescreen 16:9 ratio. The live cameras were seamlessly mixed with prerecorded content supplied by Roger Waters’ creative team and touring video partner, XL Video. For the playback system, a pair of Grass Valley Turbo hard drives held all of the footage in their native HD1080i format. This content was controlled by a Barco Encore presentations system that enabled the production team to cue the footage manually or via time code. To integrate the playback and live camera system, a Folsom Image Pro SDI transcoded the High Def content to a SDI (Serial Digital Interface), which allowed the material to be intercut with the live cameras via MBP’s Echolab 5000 SDI video switcher.

The packed house viewed the video mix on a pair of 13.5’ x 24’ rear projection screens via superimposed double stacked Digital Projection Thunder 10000Dsx projector and Digital Projection HIGHlite 6000Dsx, supplied by MBP. XL Video supplied a 40’ wide Lighthouse R16 LED board onstage. Production design was done by Marc Brickman.

The concert’s first set featured a mix of both Pink Floyd classics and Rogers Waters solo material. The second set featured the Dark Side of the Moon album in its entirety.