The Martin US distributed BigLite™ 4.5 has seen service on a number of special events lately including the Orange Bowl Halftime Show and Radio Music Awards. Martin US is the exclusive distributor in North America for the BigLite product series, manufactured by ZAP Technology of France.

The BigLite 4.5 was also used on the last leg of Tego Calderon’s US tour to add a distinctive effect to an already energetic show. Tego Calderon is the godfather of the Reggeaton movement, a form of dance music, which became popular with Latin American youth during the late 1990s.

Four of the powerful Xenon luminaires, located stage right and left, complemented a rig of MAC 2000 Profiles, MAC 600 washlights, MAC 500 profile spots and Atomic 3000 strobes. The BigLite and Martin gear was supplied by GST Lighting Systems with lighting design by Armando Gallardo and Roberto Alegria and lighting crew support by Juan Alegria and Cesar Alegria.

BigLite products are technologically advanced large-format intelligent Xenon fixtures that feature high powered Xenon lamp sources in a single arm moving head format. The BigLite™ 4.5 offers lighting designers real-time color mixing and diffusion with electronic strobe effects and energy-saving standby modes. The fixture will generate a spot to wash effect 3 times per second.


4 Big Lites 4.5 (plus spare)
22 MAC 2000 Profile
24 MAC 600
10 MAC 500
12 Atomic 3000
1 Wholehog 2 Console w/ expansion Wing
2 DF-50 Hazers
22 Thomas PRT Double Hung
12 ETC Source Four Lekos
4 ACL Bars
6 8-Lites Molefay blinders
18 CM 1 Ton Motors
1 ETC 48-Channel Sensor Dimmer Rack