Idan Raichel catapulted onto the Israeli music scene two years ago with the hit album Idan Raichel’s Project. The singer/songwriter’s latest album was followed by a successful tour that embarked last winter.

Lighting designer Amir Mickey Vilensky chose 12 Martin Professional MAC 700 Profiles to connect a simple set with Idan’s unique musical style. "It was the best fixture to achieve the goal of intensifying the visuality of the show with the best colors and a wonderful movement," he explains.

Martin’s Israeli distributor, Lightone, provided the 700s to light and sound company Yeda Kol with a “no problem” guarantee that turned out to be 100% accurate.

Co-designer and programmer for the show was Offer Brum who worked with Amir to create a distinctive and complementary set of color and effects especially for the tour.

Equipment List:
12 Martin MAC 700 Profile
14 ETC 750
24 PAR64
6 Giotto Wash
1 Spark 4d