After being featured for two minutes during a scene on the popular TV series Grey's Anatomy, Colorado rock band The Fray’s debut album of the same name has gone platinum and the band has launched an extensive world tour.

Lighting design for the tour is a collaborative effort by independent LD Tory Stubby and Joel Wojcik of The Opera Shop, Inc. of Denver. Stubby and Wojcik have specified Martin’s MAC 700 Profile along with Atomic 3000s, Robe LEDBlinder 148 LTs, 4”, 6”, and 8” MR 16 ministrips. MAC 600s and ellipsoidals join the gear list when the band hits the road again in January. All lighting gear is being supplied by The Opera Shop.

“Besides looking for a new fixture we were looking for something that is less power consuming than the 2K,” says Joel Wojcik. “It’s basically half the power draw with almost the same output. And the speed is incredible.”

Stubby and Wojcik have created an efficient yet effective lighting design. Of the 18 MAC 700 Profiles, only two grace an overhead truss with the rest on staggered Ts two, four, and six feet below the truss. “It gives the multi layer look without the trouble,” Joel says. “All our lighting is basically upstage of the backline—loading in takes only two hours and loud out only an hour. No one is waiting for something to happen before they can perform their duties. Sound, lights and backline work together without holding each other up.” The Atomics are positioned upstage on the floor behind the back line for an overall atmosphere effect. A front truss of conventionals is sub-rented locally.

The Fray recently completed an eight week fall tour of mid sized theatres in the US and will be touring Europe, Asia and Australia in early 2007.