Litestructures has been building UK pop sensation and all-boy band Westlife's stage sets for seven years now, but their latest is the biggest yet. Designed for their 2008 Back Home tour, the three-tier stage is shaped in the band’s signature “W” format and measures an impressive 72'(w)x40'(d)x12'(h). Following an original concept by Alan MacDonald, it took the Litestructures design team just six weeks to complete the structure.

Features within and around the stage's 55 LiteDeck platform modules include a brand new 11.5’ high modular leg lift, constructed using LitePro 4 heavy-duty truss. This lift passes through all three tiers. In addition, Litestructures built a 32.8’ “totem pole,” also using LitePro 4, which sits centrally atop the highest tier, housing a laser feature. Rollability for the lower tier was achieved using legframe snap-on bracing. Some 105’ of handrails with perforated aluminium panelling and extra, custom-designed access steps on the rear of the structure round off the rig.

Westlife also spent a week in the Litestructures Studios in both technical and full rehearsal before taking to the road.