Lighting designer Lee Rose, of the LA-based Design Partners, once again created striking, eye-popping lighting for the various acts that comprise the Hollywood segments of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, as filmed at CenterStaging in Burbank. Imagine our surprise at Live Design when we discovered that the sets and lighting/digital media rigs would be in place during the weekend of our first annual Concert Master Classes (CMC), which were held in the same studio. Kudos go to Rose and his crew, as well as the folks at Dick Clark Productions and Mike Anderson at CenterStaging, for making it possible to marry the two events as seamlessly as possible, and making the CMC look incredible.

Rose comments on the lighting and video for the two-stage layout for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve ’11:

“My intent in designing this year's show was to make sure that the two separate stages had a different look. In following that design principle, I started with the hi-res video on the one stage and decided to break it up with triple rows of Versa Tubes. Seeing that in rendering I decided to continue the triple Versa Tubes across the ceiling of that stage as well. Interspersing Martin Mac 3000 spots between the rows gave a continuous line from the stage floor across the ceiling.

When designing for the other stage, I knew that I would be using lower-resolution video tiles and have a more spread out look to them. Using the 18mm WinVision tiles, I spaced them in rows and columns with 8"-12" of spacing between them. Then I put spot fixtures behind the tiles on the back wall of the stage shooting through the spaces. I did the same layout on the ceiling of that stage as well.

Video content has become more and more a part of the overall design of this show and as it was originally all low res, it fell to me to deal with it. Even now that we have added some hi-res, the responsibility for designing the layout and the content has stayed with my department on this show. I'm grateful for the collaboration and contributions of Michael Zinman who programmed the video content for the show.

Gear lists
16 Martin Atomic Strobe 3000
8 PRG Bad Boy
40 Clay Paky Alpha 300 HPE
64 Coemar LED Par
24 Philips Color Kinetics Color Blast TR
6 Elation Beam 5R
16 Elation Impression
12 Elation LED Brick
10 Kino Flo 4' Doublebank
26 Martin MAC 2000 Profile
16 Martin MAC 3000 Profile
8 Martin MAC 700 Profile
10 Martin MAC 401
3 Strong Super Trouper (Short Throw)
24 Philips Vari-Lite VL1000 AS
12 Philips Vari-Lite VL-2000 Spot
43 Philips Vari-Lite VL2500 Wash
25 Philips Vari-Lite VL-3000 Spot
18 PRG VL6C+ Spot Luminaire

Dimming & Control
2 PRG Virtuoso VX (Main Consoles)
2 PRG Virtuoso DX (Backup Consoles)
2 ETC Congo
3 PRG Mbox Extreme

Lighting Dept. Crew
Lighting Designer: Lee Rose
Gaffer: Maurice Dupleasis
LD / Programmer: Paul Lennon
Programmer: Michael Updegraff
Media Server Programmer: Michael Zinman

Stage A Displays
30 WinVision 9mm Tiles
18 WinVision 18.75mm Tiles (2 units of 3 x 3 tiles on sides of stage)
171 VersaTube HD
Stage B Displays
72 WinVision 18.75mm Tiles
2 65" Plasma On Stands
General Displays on Stage
6 42" Plasmas custom-mount onto scenic columns
2 60" Plasmas
24 VersaTube HD Mounted 12 each on 2 sets of stairs
6 33' x 8' 100mm LED Curtain/Net