The 2007 live event season ended with a bang on December 10th when Led Zeppelin members Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and Jason Bonham performed a tribute concert to late Atlantic Records cofounder Ahmet Ertegun at the 02 Arena in London. It was the legendary band’s first full show together since 1980 and arguably the most anticipated concert in a decade.

Lighting designer and show director for the definitive event was Dave Hill who had a large PRG supplied rig at his disposal that included Martin MAC 2000 Washes and Atomic 3000 strobes. The MAC fixtures, chosen for their proven reliability according to Hill, were spread 31 across the stage and 40 over the audience. “The MAC 2K Wash’s strobe effects and quick color change are always effective,” he stated of the 1200 W MAC fixtures. “The crew were all top draw guys with Mark England leading them as crew chief.” Production manager was Jim Baggott.

Net profits from the concert went to the Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund, which provides scholarships for gifted children. Ertegun signed the band to Atlantic Records in 1969. Upwards of one million people registered for a chance at the 18,000 tickets.

Lighting equipment:
71 Martin MAC 2000 Wash
14 Martin Atomic 3000 strobes
14 Vari-Lite VL 3500 Wash
38 Vari-Lite VL 3000 Spots
1 40,000w Lightning Strike
24 2 lite Moles
20 8 lite Moles - 8 on stage, 12 for audience
26 4 lamp ACL bars for audience
11 6 lamp par 64 bars
24 LED lite bricks

4 SX3000 (3K)
8 B52 (5K)
7 B52D (5K)
5 SX10K-D