Le Maitre Events team members Gareth Jolly and Emerson Wellens took part in Rihanna’s show at the M.E.N. Arena in Manchester England last month.

Rihanna’s performance was filmed for a DVD of her concert, which is due out in 2008 and Le Maitre was called in to provide some of its trademark special effects. The opening of the show was supported by an impressive blast from six Le Maitre CO2 Jets. They were then followed by a series of 30 Stage Gerbs (1x25), which were used on Breakin’ Dishes, in a chase from the left and right of the stage. A spectacular row of 20x20 silver cascades as wide as the stage were shot at the beginning of the Umbrella song and six Arena Flashes and concussion added a jaw-dropping sensation among the crowd at the end of the song, which ended the show. The pyro effects were all shot by Jolly.