LaserNet's summer began with a bang as we were selected to join the 20th Anniversary tour of the legendary rock band, Poison.

LaserNet's 20Watt Verde Beam Raider made its tour debut in flying color. This air-cooled, green-only, laser system targeted bounce mirrors and blasted aerial patterns into the air to the driving beat of Poison. The rigorous tour schedule (55 cities in 65 days) proved to be no problem for the projector.

According to Poison tour manager, Mark Hogue, "We are very pleased with the reliability of the LaserNet system, it never misses a beat. Plus, never having to mess with water hoses made it a dream come true."

LD Mark Miller adds, "The laser projector is very well built and we work it hard with no problems. I can see more rock and roll in its future, and even corporate gigs."

LaserNet's president, Tom Harman notes, "The Beam Raider system has been very successful in clubs, but getting it on the road was the acid test. We knew in our bones that it would be reliable, but seeing is believing. We are very excited with the success of the tour."

The LaserNet system included 12 bounce mirrors, 2 cone projectors, and LaserMax Pro Lasershow software. In addition to the normal gear, LaserNet included a window air-conditioner for adding cool air into the air-cooled laser during the hottest dates of the summer tour. The AC unit was used twice, once for the laser in Arizona and once for the operators.

LaserNet operators Tom "Hammer" Foster and Mike Dietz shared the responsibilities of life on the road with the laser.