With a stack of Grammies, Latin Grammies and MTV Video Music Awards to their name and a huge following in the US, Mexican pop group Maná are the kings of Latino rock. Their unique sound, which ranges from hard rock to mellow Latin pop, and includes references to calypso and reggae, makes them one of the highest earning bands in the world. G-LEC was therefore delighted when Maná chose to buy 517 sq ft of Phantom II for the set of their current world tour.

Following the US dates, which began in February and took in such illustrious venues as New York’s Madison Square Garden, the band goes on to Puerto Rico, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, finishing in Spain in July.

With less then 24 hours between many of the scheduled venues, the band needed a set that was light and easy to rig and de-rig, and the G-LEC Phantom II large scale LED display system with video capabilities fits the bill perfectly. Weighing just 1.1lbs per sq ft, it not only saves the band’s crew a lot of hard work, but means that the frames can be flown on the set extremely easily.

Peveroll-Arquitenimiento, G-LEC’s partner company in Mexico, was instrumental in gaining the contract for G-LEC. Carlos E Perezcano, the company’s president and general manager, says: “Maná take their name from the Polynesian for ‘supernatural force’ and they do have a forceful stage presence. Used in conjunction with other effects, including pyro, the graphics on the Phantom II frames add a huge amount of vibrancy to the set.”