Duran Duran's Latest Outing


Vince Foster has once again undertaken Duran Duran's latest outing, with a lighting rig from Delicate Productions and video from Creative Technology.

The lighting rig from Delicate includes Martin Professional MAC 2000 Wash and Profile IIE units, AC Lighting ChromaQ Color Block DB4 LED fixtures, PixelRange PixelLine 1044 LED Fixtures, i-Pix BB7s, TMB Procan 4-Lamp DWE Molefays, and Martin Atomic 3000 DMX strobes. Haze Base Base Hasers provide atmospheric effects, control is via a High End Systems Road Hog Full Boar with Wholehog DMX processor 8000, and dimming is an ETC Sensor+ rack. Delicate also supplied the full complement of Total Structures truss, CM Prostar and Lodestar hoists, a Motion Labs distro rack and motor, and Goddard Design Chaos and Beyerdynamic intercom system.

The video setup from CT includes four Barco SLM R12+ projectors and three different configurations of Flyer 12 LED panels. Media servers are two Catalyst Pro Media Server Kits with processing via two Flyer/Spider MVS LED Processors and a Barco Folsom ImagePro HD.

Check out live footage from "The Reflex" here:

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