Creative Stage Lighting of North Creek, NY, has returned from a third outing with Celtic Woman.

Celtic Woman, an ensemble of five young and talented Irish female musicians, has been sweeping the United States since the airing of their 90-minute broadcast on PBS. The group performs a number of Irish traditionals, contemporary arrangements and original songs composed by musical director David Downes.

CSL first went on the road with Celtic Woman in the summer of 2005. The Spring 2006 tour required a range of gear, including a High End Systems Wholehog® 2, Reel EFX DF-50 Hazers, Martin MAC 250 Entours, MAC 2000 Performances and Profiles, and a Sanyo PLC-XF45 projector driven by an Apple Power Mac G5 running High End Systems’ Catalyst Express software. CSL’s Paul Mundrick was the lighting crew chief. Scott McGrody joined him as a lighting technician.

Creative Stage Lighting will be with Celtic Woman again in the summer.