Barco has launched MiSTRIP, a high bright, slim, high pixel density LED strip. As the latest addition to Barco’s growing creative LED portfolio, MiSTRIP is having its debut on the current Bon Jovi world concert tour. MiSTRIP LED display technology is suitable for a wide variety of applications, from large free-form video displays to architectural visual design. With high brightness and high pixel density in a lightweight yet rugged package, MiSTRIP’s possibilities include not only bright video displays of any size, shape or form but also lighting-type effects, all in one package.

MiSTRIP is also ideal for integration into stage sets, exhibition booths, and interior as well as exterior architectural usage. IP65 protection rating and a wide temperature range enable outdoor usage in all weather conditions. The built-in mounting track and smart cabling solutions make installation of even very large systems fast and easy.

For the Bon Jovi tour, MiSTRIP is being used to create an enormous 42m wide three- dimensional scenic stage backdrop designed by Artfag LLC. In total, there is a staggering 384 sq.m of LED made up of over 1,490 MiSTRIPs which, if laid end to end, would cover a distance of more than 2.2km.

The first sale of MiSTRIP goes to Barco’s rental partner, XL Video, who is supplying video equipment for the tour and responsible for bringing the amazing backdrop to life. “When we received the renderings for the Bon Jovi’s Mesh City, we knew the solution would involve Innovative Designs. I had heard that Innovative Designs and Barco were looking to develop a new high brightness LED Strip,” says John Wiseman, president of XL Video’s American Touring Division. “We just knew that this would be the perfect combination of a spectacular and reliable video source we needed on short notice to deliver for our clients Artfag LLC. As expected the results speak for themselves, and once again XL Video has happy designers, artists, management and production managers.”

Stephan Paridaen, president of Barco’s Media and Entertainment division states, “The MiSTRIP is symbolic of Barco’s ability to see a need and meet and exceed that with innovative technological advancement. “It has been a pleasure to work on this latest extension of our creative light solutions and we are especially excited to see it in action on tour with Bon Jovi.”