Bandit is proud to announce their involvement with Melissa Etheridge’s management team, including manager Bill Leopold, tour manager Steven Girmant, production manager Jon Schimke, and lighting designer David Hamilton for Etheridge’s 2006 tour.

With nine albums and twenty-plus years under her belt, Etheridge is known for being an activist for a variety of causes and charities. However, her talent as a lyricist and her passionate performances are what have earned her respect in the music industry and produced loyal fans.

June of 2006 marked Melissa Etheridge’s first tour back since finding out she had cancer in 2004. When deciding on lighting design for Etheridge, Hamilton said that it was more important to focus on the artist and the music than to put on a big flashy production.

“I was primarily trying to create subtle scenes and looks rather than big effects and flash. With no hazer or smoke there weren’t really any beams to work with and it became about creating moods rather than patterns with beams,” explains Hamilton.

Hamilton chose to use VL 3000 spots, VL 2500 spots, Mac 2000 wash, Pixeline 1044 LED battens, and Coemar Mini Cycs. He controlled his system with a Whole Hog II and wing.

He was pleased with the finished product and complimented Bandit technicians Mike Stehr and JR Harris, as well as the entire Bandit staff on their involvement in the tour. “It’s always a pleasure to work with Bandit. Their techs are qualified, professional, and have a great attitude, which counts for a lot. Only clean and well prepped gear gets sent out of their shop.”

Bandit client representative, Brent Barrett, says that Bandit should be the one doing the complimenting. “Bandit Lites very much appreciates the opportunity to work again with David Hamilton and all of the Melissa Etheridge touring family. We take great pride in working with such a talented artist that is not only a class act, but also surrounds herself with a quality tour staff that is truly a pleasure to work with.”