Avolites’ Diamond 4 Elite and Vision consoles ran lighting for the MTV Asia Awards 2005, which was hosted by Alicia Keys. Repositioned as "MTV Asia Aid," a global benefit concert to raise money for victims of the tsunami, the show was staged at the Impact Arena in Bangkok in front of a live audience of 10,000 people and a TV audience of several million.

The show featured live performances from Good Charlotte, Thailand’s Modern Dog, Thai/Australian teen sensation Lanna Commins, and Canada’s Simple Plan, among others.

DOP Eugene O’Connor led the UK-based lighting design/direction team; he also operated the key lighting console. The team consisted of Main stage LD Theo Cox, and Mikey Howard who looked after stages B and C and the extensive audience lighting. The lighting team worked with Singapore’s The Show Company, MTV Asia’s principal technical production contractor, led by Joseph Gan. In addition to supplying all lighting, they provided two High End Systems Catalyst™ digital media servers for video clips, and both high-resolution and "break-up" LED screens for the event.

The two Avolite Diamond 4s–an Elite and a Vision–were selected because of their fast programming capabilities, their flexibility for live show control and improvisation, plus their power and capacity for large lighting rigs.

The D4 Vision–operated by Mikey Howard–controlled VARI*LITE VL3000™ Spot and Wash luminaires; High End System X-Spots, Studio Beams®, and Studio Colors®; 3K Synchrolites; and Space Flowers. Meanwhile, the D4 Elite–operated by Eugene O’Connor–ran 28 Molefeys and over 100 ETC Source Fours® plus a selection of PARs, fluorescent, and neon lights adorning the set.

Other Avolite products used included: a D4 Simulator and Ez DMX, two FD 72 channel dimming racks, two ART 2000 48-channel dimming racks, and DMX splitters.

The main stage set, designed by Eugene O’Connor, included several curved low-resolution Barco MiPix screens, a break-up screen containing 132 panels of Panasonic Astrovision, and 200 tiles of Barco I-Lite6XP SMD screen. It was triangular in shape and located in a corner of the arena that ensured all stages had equal viewing, rather than one area dominating the screen.

Co-producer and technical director Mick Perry, from MTV Europe, project managed the event.