World-famous DJ Armin van Buuren has embarked on a solo tour, Armin Only - Intense, a first-of-its kind combined electronic dance music/theatrical experience in support of the artist's album Intense.

ALDA Events has taken on the concept development, working with theatre director Jos Thie, and designer Sander Reneman of 250K. Originally conceived in the early days of Armin’s career, the concept has grown in recent years, now culminating in what van Buuren calls "a six-plus hour journey into music." Maintaining the central theme of the main DJ set, the show adds more live elements. “The basis of Armin Only will always be a DJ set, but to make it more interesting for the crowd, I’m going to try and really make the live moments almost like you would witness them in a theatre,” the artist adds.

Check out the first two parts of the tours behind the scenes video, starting with the preparations and into rehearsals, and stay tuned for additional coverage coming soon.