LD Ernesto Corti has designed his first tour for legendary artist, Joe Satriani. The UK and European section is the second leg of a tour that kicked off in the US in April. It was also the first time that Corti has worked with Bandit, and he is extremely pleased with the results. The account was handled for Bandit by Lester Cobrin who has worked with Joe Satriani’s production management team since 1997.

Corti received some brief directions from Satriani’s manager Mick Brigden at the start of the tour, and then the rest of the lighting and aesthetics were left up to him. The most important element is, of course, Satriani and his guitar, so the design and operation are kept simple, straightforward and stark, with no visual distractions, ensuing Satriani remains the centre of attention at all times.

The set is hugely dynamic – incorporating plenty of power guitar moments and also soulful ballads plus a healthy quota of hard rock. With no visuals apart from the lighting, it played a vital role even though understated – in highlighting Satriani and his 3 backing musicians.

The rig consisted of three straight 40ft trusses, all staggered at different trim heights to create the impression of as much stage depth and space as possible.

Split over the three trusses and stage floor were 24 Martin Professional MAC 2K profiles and 2K washes. 60 PAR cans were supplied for general stage washing, highlighting and accenting. 10 Source Four profiles were hung on the front truss and used as specials for each musician. Then there were four Lycian FOH follow spots and Bandit also supplied all rigging and motors.

Corti operated the show using a Hog iPC running in Hog 3 mode – which is his console of choice. He likes to light with different colour temperature fixtures and kept to clean, classic colour combinations and bold decisive lighting changes, “It’s all about big looks and smaller accents here and there” he states.

Bandit’s crew were John Flynn & Tom Crosbie, and Corti enthuses, “I’m really happy with everything Bandit has done – they have been extremely helpful. The crew are great, nothing is a problem and everything is ready really quickly and efficiently. Lester has been amazing and the overall service is just great.”

The tour continues in Europe for 6 weeks, before visiting South America (as a G3 show), Asia and then Australasia.