Of course, publishing “50 Powerful People” in our January/February issue raised a few eyebrows and caused a stir among those out there who felt we omitted some folks deserving of being on the list. Our bad. We heard you, and here are some of those who are no less powerful, but didn’t get on the list. Have more suggestions? Sent them in.

Butch Allen, lighting designer
Check out his work on the No Doubt Tour. His lighting design for Nickelback opens this weekend in Atlantic City.

Steve Carson, entertainment group president and general manager, Philips
Leading the division that now includes Vari-Lite, Selecon, Strand, Color Kinetics.

Dave Cunningham, inventor
He has developed many of the products you might even take for granted these days, including ETC’s Source Four ellipsoidal and PAR.

John Huddleston, Robert Carone, and Greg Reagan from Upstaging
Too many concerts supplied to count, including the recent Star Wars: In Concert and AC/DC Black Ice Tour.

Jonathan Resnick, president, Barbizon Lighting
Fourteen offices worldwide—you do the math.

James Tetlow, president, principal consultant, lighting designer, Nautilus Entertainment Design
One of the industry’s go-to guys for projects on the high seas and elsewhere.

Nick Whitehouse, lighting designer
Last year, he designed Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears, to name just a couple.