Miike Snow At Terminal 5


Miike Snow (a band, not a guy) performed last night at Terminal 5, with production design and programming by Tobias G. Rylander, one of our recent Young Designers to Watch.

Rylander also runs the console, an MA Lighting grandMA, and his lighting rig has eight Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 700s, four Clay Paky Alpha Wash HPE 700s, a PRG Bad Boy, 10 Martin Professional Atomic 3000s with scrollers, and 14 Showtec Sunstrips. Projections are via a Green Hippo Grasshopper with footage from eight Go Pro cameras to a Barco SLM R12+ projector.

Here is eight minutes of "Sylvia," courtesy of editorial shaky-cam (dodging guests of FOH; no judging, please).

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