Lighting designer Mike Duncan (Mbd Designs) recently finished a tour of Australia and New Zealand with The B-52s, for which he designed "a textured, layered look with some '60s op-art thrown in for good measure," he says.

Melbourne-based lighting vendor Phaseshift Productions provided the gear for Duncan's design, which included an MA Lighting grandMA console running 20 Martin Professional MAC 700 Wash units and eight Martin MAC 700 profiles. Duncan reports having "a real fondness for the Martin MAC 700 series of fixtures. I'm a very big fan of Martin products in general," he says. Additional gear in Duncan's rig included 12 Pixel Range PixelBrick Micro wash units, four Martin Atomic 3000 strobes, six ETC Source Four ellipsoidals (19° and 26° units), 30 PAR64 NSP units, four 4-Lite Molefays, and two 2K xenon FOH followspots.

Frontier Touring/Roundhouse Entertainment Co. coordinated logistics for the tour, an experience Duncan says, "actually made the tour itself very easy. We had two complete systems and stages that we leap-frogged between cities. The only real challenges came when we had to use other lighting/audio vendors for logistical reasons. Even then, it went really smoothly."

Additional personnel for the tour included crew chief Troy Brown and lighting technician Jay Davis.

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