Provided by PRG
1 MA Lighting grandMA2 Console
1 MA Lighting grandMA2 light Console
4 MA Lighting grandMA2 Network Processing Units
6 PRG Series 400® Power and Data Distribution Racks
2 PRG Series 400® Ethernet Switches
1 PRG Node Plus, Series 400 Mode

80 PRG Best Boy 4000® Spot Luminaires
103 GLP impression X4 LED Luminaires
20 Clay Paky Sharpy Luminaires
20 Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 TRX Luminaires
5 Brite Box Flame Followspots

6 Reel EFX DF-50 Hazers
4 Jem AF-1 DMX Fans
2 Ultratec FX Versa DMX Fans

19 PRG BAT Truss, 10’ 15”x30”
1 PRG BAT Truss, 10’ 15”x24”

1 Clear-Com Headset System 4 Channels, 32 Stations

Lighting Personnel
Director of Programming: Felix Peralta
Lighting Programmer: Eric Marchwinski
Lighting Director: Sooner Routhier

Crew Chief: Andy Mitchinson
Dimmer Tech: Chris Shaffer
ML Tech: Greg Gore
ML Tech: James Jones
ML Tech: Jason Hicks
ML Tech: Jeremy Knight


Provided by PRG Nocturne
10 Barco HDQ-2K40 Projectors
13 Barco FLM-R22+ Projectors (6 for rear columns / 7 for IMAG)

4 Grass Valley Thomson LDK 6000 HD WorldCam Cameras
6 Ikegami HL-45 HD Cameras 

1 Grass Valley HD Kayak 2 M/E Switcher
1 32x32 Router Matrix
1 Fiber Distribution System

Video Personnel
Video Director: Andy Bramley, George Elizondo
Crew Chief: Carson Austin
Systems Engineer: Jason Lipton
Lead Projectionist: Simon Schofield
Lead Projectionist: Brian Bateman
Projection/Camera: Drew Welker
Projection/Camera: Steve Tomaneck
Camera/Utility: Cliff Hannon
Camera/Utility: Josh Morano
Camera/Utility: Josh Phoebus

Media Control and Mapping
Provided by Control Freak Systems
8 Avolites Media Ai Infinity Servers (4 main, 4 backup)
1 CFS TraffikCONTROL Custom Control Software
2 CFS Hex Freak Servers
1 CFS Router Bridge
1 MA Lighting grandMA2 Control Console

CFS/Immersive Personnel
CFS Tour Operator/Screens Director: Kirk J. Miller
CFS Technician/Engineer: Troy Giddens
CFS Senior Solutions Designer: Stuart White
CFS Technical Designer: Dirk Sanders
CFS Graphic Programming: Artist George Toledo
Immersive, Ai Software Author: David Green
Immersive, Ai Programmer: Martin Harvey

Content and Mapping
Moment Factory

Producer: Daniel Jean

Content and Content Management
Meteor Tower

Technical Director, Content Manager: Andy Babin
Content Manager: Ryan Mast

Prelite: Tom Thompson

Provided by Tait

Vice President: Adam Davis
Project Manager: Pat Seeley
Motion Control Crew Chief: Rob DeCeglio
Joe Smith: Motion Control
Dwayne Diaz: Motion Control

Floor Hex Towers
Flown Hex Towers
Flying Light Mechanisms
Control & Power Distribution
Roll Drops
Camera Track

Rolling Mainstage
Rolling Band Risers
Double Decker US Landing
Mainstage Monitor Shelves
Runway & Bridges
Projector Pods and Decks