Jun 13, 2014

LD On The DL: The Vectorworks Dilemma

Last summer during a load-in I began wondering how many people actually owned a legal copy of Vectorworks and/or were abiding by the user agreement. After asking around and much circumlocution, it turned out the answer was almost nobody. Now, now. Don’t act so surprised. Chances are most of you probably don’t either....More
Sep 06, 2011

Spider-Man's Sound

For all of the technical departments for Spider-Man, the scale of the systems was the primary challenge. "Spider-Man's biggest challenge was really just sheer size," says production sound engineer Simon Matthews. “The audio system is 50% larger than....More
Sep 24, 2010

"This tour is run by Belgians."

The band gives shout-outs to Stageco's Hedwig de Meyer and Stefaan "Smasher" Desmedt during its stop in Brussels....More
Mar 25, 2010

Paralympics Closing Ceremonies Lighting

Robert Sondergaard of Electric Aura in Vancouver worked on the Olympics events in Robson Square, Vancouver, as well as the Paralympics, finishing up with the closing ceremonies for the Paralympics on March 21, in an event held at the Whistler Ceremonies....More