Lance K. Darcy

Lighting Director, The Lighting Design Group

Lance has been working as a Lighting Designer and Event Production Designer for event companies, theaters and television for over twelve years.  His industrial credits include a multitude of weddings, political rallies, TV up-fronts, fashion shows, concerts, after-parties, corporate events, as well as performances of all shapes and sizes.  
For The Lighting Design Group, Lance helps manage Al Jazeera America, where he serves as the Lighting Director for "Real Money with Ali Velshi" and "Consider This," in addition to various special events and projects throughout New York City. 
In his spare time Lance enjoys cooking, aviation, video editing, photography, and swimming.
He is available for Director of Photography or Lighting Direction work.  

Posts by Lance K. Darcy

in LiveDesign LiveBlog May 15, 2012

LD On The DL: Ten Years Ago ...

As I approach a ten year anniversary of my own I cannot help but pause and reflect. Ten years ago this month, I graduated from college....More
in LiveDesign LiveBlog May 01, 2012

LD On The DL: Rendering My Objections

Despite increased usage, renderings can be bad, bad things....More
in LiveDesign LiveBlog Apr 16, 2012

LD On The DL: The Question

I have met more people in the past two weeks than the entirety of last year. As week three begins at my new job, I continue a round-robin marathon....More
in LiveDesign LiveBlog Apr 02, 2012

LD On The DL: The Lessons Of Unemployment

I want there to be a compelling narrative about my year of unemployment. In a style evoking The New Yorker's Talk of the Town, I want to write an....More
in LiveDesign LiveBlog Mar 08, 2011

LD On The DL: Missing and Damaged

I lost something at the hospital. I had back surgery at the end of January. Because of an accident years ago, a herniated disc between the L5 and S1....More
in LiveDesign LiveBlog Oct 24, 2010

Opening Pandoras Box

Coolux's Pandoras Box has me quite excited for a few main reasons. I could rehash all the things media servers do, but we already know it all. As a....More
in LiveDesign LiveBlog Oct 24, 2010

A Limerick for City Theatrical

Sometimes, when I have a hard time vocalizing what something means to me, I write limericks. So, City Theatrical, this is for you. City Theatrical is....More
in LiveDesign LiveBlog Oct 23, 2010

GrandMA 2

From The Show Floor: Living in Manhattan I don't own a car. I rent when I need wheels, so I get to sample a variety of models I wouldn't normally....More
in LiveDesign LiveBlog Oct 23, 2010

Lightwright On The iPad?

I've bumped into Mr. Baldwin once on location. I peed next to Mr. Stalone at an event years ago. But talking with John McKernon, creator of....More
in LiveDesign LiveBlog Oct 23, 2010

GAM's New Cue Light

From The Show Floor: GAM has a new product that sparked my interest. GAM's new Go Lite is a pretty solid, easy, and scalable cue light solution. I....More

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