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Feb 13, 2013

Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball Delivers With DiGiCo

The perennially touring Lady Gaga is at it again. The five-time Grammy winner is in the midst of the Born This Way Ball tour, a seemingly endless....More
Feb 05, 2013

Blue Man Group Launches New Vegas Production With DiGiCo In The Mix

The creative forces of Blue Man Group (BMG) have been working for two years to bring an all-new production to the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in....More
Jan 10, 2013

The Super Powers of DiGiCo's SD7T Propel Batman Live Production

A superhero and cultural icon operating out of the fictional American Gotham City, Batman is assisted by various characters including his crime-....More
Jan 04, 2013

Juanes Gets Loud & Unplugged With DiGiCo & 3G Productions

Following the success of his MTV Unplugged special—nominated for five 2012 Latin Grammy Awards—Colombian singer-songwriter Juanes embarked on the....More
Dec 13, 2012

Elektralite Solves Challenges for Historic Alfred Street Baptist Church

Alfred Street Baptist Church (ASBC) was founded in 1803 in Alexandria, Virginia, and is located in one of the city’s oldest African-American....More
Dec 07, 2012

Prairie Sun Diversifies From Studio To Stage With DiGiCo

Prairie Sun Live (PSL) sprung from Prairie Sun Recording—a high-end recording facility in Sonoma Country that’s produced music with legendary artists....More
Nov 27, 2012

Expansive DiGiCo/Optocore Network Propels Streisand Back to Brooklyn

No matter your musical predilection, there's no denying that Barbra Streisand is one of the biggest talents in show biz. She is the epitome of élan....More
Nov 17, 2012

Milwaukee’s Marcus Center For Performing Arts Undergoes Sonic Renewal With DiGiCo

Celebrating over 40 years of top-flight cultural and community programming including symphony music and theater productions, the Marcus Center for....More
Nov 05, 2012

DiGiCo SD9 Rack Pack Shakes the Cage at All-Star Opening of Mick Fleetwood's Hawaiian Venue

DiGiCo rocked the house at the grand opening celebration of Mick Fleetwood's new restaurant and club, Fleetwood's on Front Street, in the heart of....More
Oct 29, 2012

Group One Ltd Launches SD5 Trade Up Program

With the launch of the new SD5 console earlier this year, DiGiCo U.S. distributor, Group One Limited, initiated a limited-time trade up program....More