Posts by Bill Andersen

Jan 11, 2013

Chameleon Touring Lights Brisbane Festival with LumenRadio

To celebrate Australia’s annual 30-night Brisbane Festival last fall, 3000 square metres of brilliant lighting, visible for over 10 kilometres, lit....More
Dec 12, 2012

LumenRadio and ProPlex Control for Kuwait 50th Constitutional Day Celebration

Kuwait’s 50th Constitution Day celebration featured over 235 Watts of laser power, plus lighting, audio, effects, and a record-breaking 77,282....More
Dec 01, 2012

Huge Hippotizer Pixel-Map on Empire State Building

This week, with the assistance of Grammy Award-winning artist Alicia Keys, the Empire State Building (ESB) launched its new LED lighting system....More
Nov 16, 2012

Denver Sports Authority Field Goes Wireless with LumenRadio

Few RF (Radio Frequency) environments are more complex and challenging than a modern American Sports Stadium, where the air is literally saturated....More
Nov 05, 2012

Theatrical Lighting Connection Lights PGA Ryder Cup with ProPlex Data Distribution

At the 2012 biennial Ryder Cup golf tournament, a team of USA all-stars challenged the European Cup-holders at the private 640-acre Medinah Country....More
Oct 09, 2012

Colour Sound Decorates Reading Festival with IMS LED Marquee Lighting

This year’s Reading Festival in the UK had some additional colour, courtesy of Colour Sound Experiment, Ltd. of London. Two weeks prior to the event....More
Aug 17, 2012

TMB ProPlex® network helps make Olympic magic

Billions of people worldwide watched the 2012 London Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, where producer Danny Boyle masterfully deployed....More
Jul 24, 2012

Pearl Media Productions brings 3D video projection to New York's Maritime Hotel

Pearl Media Productions (PMP) was given the task of making the Maritime Hotel stand out from the crowd in New York's historic Meatpacking District....More
Jun 15, 2012

LumenRadio brightens Indianapolis skyline

If you were lucky enough to get tickets to the Super Bowl this year, you might have walked past the landmark Nordyke....More
May 31, 2012

LumenRadio: Bulletproof on Alison Krauss tour

Bluegrass artists Alison Krauss and Union Station prefer intimate settings for their gigs. Now in the third month of their sold-out world tour, most....More