World Stage Design 2009 Award Winners Named

USITT has posted the winners from the 2009 World Stage Design competition which took place in Seoul, Korea, and proved to be quite a showcase of international design talent.

The winners include:

Outstanding Scenographer

Monica Raya (Mexico) for The Skin (set and costume), Rappaccini's Daughter (set, costume and lighting), Twelfth Night (set and light), Autopsy to a Snowflake (set and costume), and AUTOPSIA (lighting)

Set Design

* Gold Award: Liu Xinglin (China), Tangwan

* Silver Award: Judit Csanadi (Hungary), Peer Gynt, The Ambitious and The Flighty; and Dorita Hannah (New Zealand), Aarero Stone and Her Topia

* Honorable Mention: Tsang Man-Tung (Hong Kong, China), No End and Ubu Roi

Costume Design

* Gold Award: Dorita Hannah (New Zealand), Aarero Stone and Her Topia; and Heng-Cheng Lin (Taiwan), Lysistrata and Endgame

* Silver Award: Edyta Rzewuska (Mexico), Nezahualcóyotl; and Hye-sook Chang (Korea), The Dance of the Four Flying Gods in the Sky

Lighting Design

* Gold Award: Beto Bruel (Brazil), Not About Love

* Silver Award: Lee-Zen Michael Chien (Taiwan), Like Shadows

* Honorable Mention: Vinny Jones (Netherlands), tobetonotbe and de Monant

Sound Design

The Awards Jury was unable to come to a unanimous decision so it decided to divide the prize money among all contributors in the category.

* Jude Edgard C Balsamo (Phillipines), Amihan

* Curtis Craig (USA), Pentecost

* Igor Drevalev (Russia), The Black Monk

* Gregg R Fisher (UK), Sarajevo Story

* Elisheba Itoop (USA), Bent

* Jethro Joaquin (Phillipines), Hamlet

* Karen Lauke (UK), The Odyssey

* Richard Malone (USA), Female Transport

* Matthew Suttor (USA), The Trial of the Cannibal Dog Opera

* Richard K Thomas (USA), Henry V

* Bradlee Ward (USA), The Methuselah Tree

* Claire Windsor (UK), Palace of the End

* Chien Feng Wu (Taiwan), Love Letters

Congratulations to all the winners!

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