DVI Parrot™ by Carallon Awarded Live Design 2010 Product of the Year, Projection Accessories

dvi-parrot-comp-pic.jpgThe new DVI Parrot EDID Emulator by Carallon has been named Live Design's 2010 Projection Accessory Product of the Year! Presented this year at the Broadway Master Classes in New York, the award committee described the DVI Parrot as a “super high-quality, easy to use box that prevents ‘display misunderstandings' . . . it's a priceless, simple thing.”

The user-configurable DVI Parrot is a must-have in any video technician's toolbox: It spoofs completely custom EDID profiles that are modified or created with Carallon's Parrot Trainerâ„¢ software for Mac or PC. The custom EDID profiles can be permanently saved to a library and shared via email, FTP, flash drive, etc. The Parrot can also act like a conventional EDID emulator, spoofing EDID information it learns from existing displays. The Parrot is compatible with both analog and digital video signals, needs no external power supply, is completely configurable over USB, and can be used to teach other EDID emulators.

TMB is the Exclusive Worldwide Distributor for the remarkable DVI Parrot. For more information and free software download, visit the TMB DVI Parrot product page: www.tmb.com/products/parrot. Access information about TMB's other exciting and innovative products at www.tmb.com.

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