Zachary Borovay

I Am Not A Lighting Designer 
I am a projection designer. I am not a lighting designer, although I use a specialized lighting instrument to convey my design. I am not a scenic designer,
Projection Toolbox: Update Roundup 
I am writing this at my tech table at the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht, Netherlands, where I am in tech for a new production of The Wiz. On this show, I've
Projection Toolbox: Stars Of The Not-So-Silver Screen 
Many times, a projection designer is brought in to a show later in the game than the other designers. Often it is after the show's budget has been set
Strangers Learn How To Talk To Each Other 
In a previous installment of I discussed Apple's move to open its new Intel-powered Macs to Microsoft Windows as well as OS X. Recently, I had the opportunity
Apple Sends Us To Boot Camp 
In early April, Apple Computer released a little piece of software that, upon first glance, was surely thought to be an April Fool's joke. Macs do Windows
Projection Toolbox: What's On Your Tech Table? 
Ah, the tech table — my home away from home. When I am working on a show, and we are about to go into tech rehearsals, I always try to spend an hour or two organizing all the stuff that I like to have at my table. Aside from my trusty PowerBook, I ...
Projection Toolbox: Backup Or Else 
To back up data or not to back up? That is the question. And the answer should be a no-brainer for all of us: Back up often!
Projection Toolbox: Behind The Mask 
Here's some late breaking news: On Tuesday, January 10, Apple CEO Steve Jobs hosted his annual Macworld Expo keynote speech
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