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Product of the Month: Clear-Com CellCom 
I have said it before, and I will say it again: I would rather have my speakers sound tinny during tech and have my intercom work flawlessly. I would
Five Lessons In Dealing With Rental Shops 
I have spent a great deal of time in sound shops in every position possible. I have been a designer and an assistant. I have been a mixer and in production
Wireworks AV2000 Multicable 
When you talk about multicable, you end up talking about almost every aspect of sound. You talk about the past, present, and future. You talk about all
Sound Product Of The Month: Dugan Model E-1 Automatic Mixing Controller 
Anyone who has mixed a “talking head” gig knows there are challenges to the job.Sometimes they are simple events that only last an hour with one mic on a podium, while others last for days — long days, sometimes eight to ten hours long, sitting behind the console listening to people talking…incessantly.
Cutting Wedge 
Monitor wedges are an essential part of most shows that feature musicians on stage. Some musicians love them big and loud, some like them unobtrusive
A Wireless Microphone Horror Story 
Just about every live event uses wireless microphones. Whether it is musical theatre, a sporting event, a church sermon, or a corporate event, there is
Sound Product Of The Month: Media Numberics RockNet 
The dark era of copper is coming to an end. Its reign of terror will soon be a distant memory. No longer will you need to run hundreds of feet of heavy
Sound Product Of The Month: Lectrosonics TM400 
Who doesn't like EQing a room? I mean, you have all the power in your hands. You choose the music. You choose the pink noise level. You get to say, “I will now listen to Steely Dan.” And then you get to twist all of those knobs. The lights bounce, and the LEDs pulsate. It is dizzying, exhilarating. It's boring. Let's get real. Does anyone really enjoy listening to pink noise for an hour?
Product of the Month: Yamaha DSP5D 
Digital sound consoles have been around for years, and Yamaha has been at the forefront of innovation since the beginning. It all started with an 18-input
Sound Product of the Month: Martin Audio W8L Longbow Line Array 
Line arrays have been around for decades. Harry F. Olson published the book Acoustical Engineering in 1954, which included an extensive and influential
Sound: A Tony For Sound, And Other Signs Of The Apocalypse 
It is official. Hell has frozen and pigs are flying through midtown Manhattan. As of June 19, 2007 there will now be a Tony Award for Best Sound Design
Sound Product of the Month: EAW Smaart Software 
Before it's show time, it's EQ time — time to tune the system. A hundred boxes have been hung all over the place, and now they have to sound good. Everyone clear the room; this could get ugly. Pink noise — loud, pink noise — microphones are all over the theatre and the designer is sitting behind a computer screen staring at some bouncing lines and listening to the same Suzanne Vega song over and over — and over again. Tuning a system is by far the most important task in designing a show.
Sound Product Of The Month: Whirlwind AESQbox 
So there you are, doing a gig, and soundcheck is about to start, and you have a line that is not working. Your assistant grabs his Qbox, runs onstage,
Andrew Keister: The Road To A Sound Career 
The orchestra crescendos and the cast hits the final note. The curtain falls and then thunderous applause. After months of preparation and rehearsals
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