Rob Halliday

Sliver Of Light For Macbeth 
A look at the work of Christopher Oram and lighting designer Neil Austin on Macbeth, staged at the deconsecrated St. Peter’s Church in Ancoats, east Manchester, as part of this year’s Manchester International Festival
RanDoM Acts Of CoNtrol
RDM and ACN: what it all means, and where we’re going with control protocols
The Plot Thickens
Moving Light Focus Tracking and Plotting Through the Years
National Treasure: London's National Theatre
The external lighting for the National Theatre on the south bank of the River Thames in London is a challenge that was never satisfactorily resolved
Mary Poppins: View from the Lighting Console
A step-by-step look at programming for The Prince Edward Theatre in London
Remembering Andy Phillips (Part 2)
The recent coverage given to lighting designer Andy Phillips full page features in four British national daily newspapers was simultaneously gratifying
Programmer Gives Props
Give thanks to the programmers, I say! Does that sound arrogant, coming from someone who earns much of his living as a lighting programmer, the breed
Jerry Springer sings!
Fortunately, he's decided to be flattered (How many people get to become an opera in their own lifetime?). If he hadn't, it seems unlikely that daytime
Future Shock
The Handmaid's Tale by the Royal Danish Opera
Midnight's Children
Adapting an epic novel to the stage
Is There Life After Big-Budget Shows?
It's funny the things you forget when you spend too much time doing big shows. It's good to do a small show now and again: as a reminder, reality check, and learning experience.
February Online Exclusive: Long Day's Journey Into Night
A classic revisited in England February 2001--He may have been nominated for the best lighting Olivier Award for his work on Hamlet at the Royal National

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