Patrick Dierson

What I'm Using Now: Vestax Spin USB/MIDI Controller 
Primarily created for DJs, Spin from Vestax is a USB/MIDI hardware device designed to replace a standard DJ turntable rig.
What I'm Using Now: Snoize MIDI Monitor 
The Snoize MIDI Monitor is an open-source software utility for Mac OS X that displays MIDI signals in a variety of formats
Lighting: The Ears Have It 
Hey buddy! Could you turn up the guitar and fix the mix on that kick drum? I heard the cry come from an audience member standing in the aisle next to
Small Show, Big Looks 
Small Show, Big Looks that was the topic given to me for this month's bit of wisdom. Discuss the challenges that you face when there's very little to
How I Did That: Powering Live Earth Lighting Consoles 
The energy savings from recycling a single bottle powers a computer for 25 minutes, says Lynn Brown, spokeswoman for Waste Management, the Houston-based
What's With These Kids Today? 
There's a mantra in all leadership and management training with regards to promotions and upward mobility. Simply stated, the lynchpin to your own advancement
Business: The Gentle Art of Negotiation 
I'm sure that at one point in your life you've heard something at least close to one of the following statements: Don't concern yourself with the sticker.
Lighting The Future 
Ice cream one of life's most wonderful treats. That statement goes for most people on this planet. I happen to know someone who doesn't like ice cream,
Getting Green 
I simply don't get it. Bono is hailed as a humanitarian for helping to fight hunger and AIDS in Africa by starting the ONE Foundation, but when I bring two canvas bags with me to Whole Foods instead of using their checkout bags, all my friends call me a tree-hugger. I hadn't truly realized just how un-hip it was to feel guilty about participating in the destruction of the world around you until I started getting ragged on by my so-called friends.
Lighting: Better Late Than Never 
When it comes to advice, I'm a firm believer in the better late than never theory. With that in mind, let's talk about a topic near and dear to my heart:
Lighting: Troubleshooting Via Text? LOL 
Never would I have thought that text messaging would be helping us troubleshoot a massively failing lighting rig.
Lighting: The More Things Change 
All of those little annoying things that you were certain would go away at some point never really do.
Lighting: Brand Loyalty 
I've always found brand loyalty fascinating. Some people will go to great lengths to keep a certain brand of equipment on a show
The Mis-Education of Patrick Dierson  1
The learning never ends in our industry
Combat Rock 
The Art of Assembling an Effective Lighting Crew
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