Mike Clark

The Colossus of Rome 
A Monumental Makeover in the Eternal City
Road to the Past 
Recreating the Ancient Spirit of Pompeii with Light
Royal Lighting 
Dramatic Nighttime Illumination for the Palace of Versailles
Museum Guide: Alessandra Reggiani Brings History to Light 
Freelance lighting designer Alessandra Reggiani, a native of Rome, specializes in the cultural heritage field. Two of her latest designs are museum ...
Club Report: Luna Rossa 
At Bosco Maregno, in provincial northeastern Italy, the owners of a well-known ballroom recently inaugurated Luna Rossa, an upmarket club attracting discerning
Symphonies of color 
Naples Becomes a Lightscape When the Sun Goes Down Of all the sights worth seeing in Naples, the southern Italian city's Piazza del Plebiscito should
February Online Exclusive: Tomb of St. Peter: Restoration at the Vatican 
February 2001--For more than ten years, the "Luce per l'Arte" (Light for Art) department of ENEL (Italy's national electricity board) has brought back
An Ice Place to Visit 
Even though it's one of the world's most exclusive lodgings, the Ice Hotel's clientele typically dresses for dinner in ski suits rather than evening clothes.
Traviata on TV A highly original TV version of La Traviata, directed by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi and shot by three - time Oscar winner Vittorio Storaro,
Notte fever: Scanning the Italian club lighting scene as SIB 98 gears up 
When winter turns to spring the international club industry turns to Italy, making its pilgrimage to the Rimini Trade Fair for the SIB show--the premier
La Boheme in Naples European opera productions by such organizations as Operama have featured cutting-edge technology for some time now. Yet it's only
Roman rainbows 
Sophisticated new systems have been inaugurated in recent months for lighting some of Rome's best-known monuments, but an unusual project attracting attention
Museums in focus in Italy 
La Sfacciata Lighting Academy, named after the 15th-century villa once owned by the Vespucci family, which was renovated to house the institute, recently
Italy 2000: LD Pepi Morgia sprints through the country's holiday season 
Gian Luigi Maria Morgia ("Pepi" to the industry) was definitely one of Italy's hardest-working LDs during the 1999 festive season right through to the
Italian renaissance 
Illumination initiatives launched by Luce per l'Arte (Light for Art), a department of ENEL (the national electricity board), and ACEA, Rome's electricity
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