Michael S. Eddy

S. Eddy
LDI New Products: Rose Brand 100 Series Screens
The 100 Series projection screens are made of PVC media with consistent thickness and shade.
LDI New Product: ETC Source Four LED CYC Adapter
Any Source Four LED™ luminaire can be transformed into a tool for lighting cycloramas by removing its lens barrel and attaching ETC’s new Source Four LED Cyc™ adapter.
LDI New Product: Elektralite Dazer TW
The Dazer TW provides white light with control for variable color temperature.
LDI New Product: Enttec Pixie Driver
The Enttec Pixie Driver was designed for the new WS2812 and WS2812b standards of LED tape, which has its own Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) driver trio for each pixel.
LDI New Product: Draper Inc. Custom and Curved Lace and Grommet Screens
Draper has offered lace and grommet screen surfaces for many years and now introduces a new line of custom and curved lace and grommet screens.
LDI New Product: Clay Paky A.leda B-Eye
The A.leda B-Eye is a wash fixture with a wide range of colors and a 6°-70° zoom range.
LDI New Product: Elation Professional ProTron LED Strobe
The ProTron LED Strobe utilizes 576 white 6,500K LEDs to produce 28,000 lumens of output and an even field of light.
LDI New Product: City Theatrical QolorFlex™ LED Tape
QolorFlex™ LED Tape is LED lighting tape that allows users to put light in places that were impossible in the past and to create lighting fixtures and lighting effects in new ways.
LDI New Product: Chromlech Elidy Strip 
Available in either a five or 15 LED version, the Elidy Strip is a linear striplight incorporating all the technology and functionality of Elidy panels.
LDI New Product: Chroma-Q Studio Force Phosphor White LED Range
The Chroma-Q® Studio Force Phosphor™ models provide a soft light from a 12" (330mm) length.
LDI New Product: Ayrton MagicPanel 602
First in a new family of Ayrton LED luminaires, MagicPanel™ 602 is a modular LED moving head with continuous rotation on the pan and tilt axes and ability to display media via onboard ArKaos KlingNet protocol.
LDI New Product: ProPlex/TMB IQ Rackmount
TMB unveils the latest additions to its ProPlex Data Distribution range of multiple-format, copper/fiber distribution systems.
LDI New Product: Chauvet Ovation C-640FC 
Ovation™ C-640FC from Chauvet is a replacement for widely used halogen cyc fixtures and MR16 striplights.
LDI New Product: Cast Group WYSIWYG R31
Wysiwyg R31 from Cast Software delivers new features, enhancements, and library additions, many of which were directly requested by wysiwyg users.
LDI New Product: Robe Robin Pointe
The Robin Pointe has been designed to produce a sharp parallel beam with a 280W Osram Sirius HRI lamp.

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