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The Real Thing Opens On Broadway Today
The revival of The Real Thing, a play by Tom Stoppard, opens on Broadway October 30th at the American Airlines Theatre.
Scenic And Rigging Plots For The Passenger 
Check out the plots for scenery and rigging of The Passenger at the Park Avenue Armory.
LED Technology Lights Illuminasia
Located at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, Illuminasia is the largest indoor illuminations experience, which combines ancient Chinese lantern craftsmanship with the latest lighting technology.
Scenes From The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time
The Curious Incident Of The Dog At Night-Time moved to London's West End after its sold-out run at National's Cottesloe Theatre in 2012, and has now transferred to Broadway where it opened at the Barrymore Theatre on October 5.
Disgraced Opens On Broadway
Disgraced, the Pulitzer Prize winning play by Ayad Akhtar, opened last night for its Broadway premiere at the Lyceum Theatre.
Lighting Plots For Skrillex's Spaceship MK3 
Check out the lighting plots for Skrillex's Spaceship MK3 set.
Three-Fold: Dissecting New York Theater Workshop Into Scenes From A Marriage
One in every three audience members will not experience Ivo van Hove's production of Ingmar Bergman's Scenes From A Marriage the same.
Exploring Light At Kinetica Art Fair
The 2013 Kinetica Art Fair featured multiple installations that explored light using the latest technology to create art, such as the projection mapped sculpture, "Fallen Star," by AA DLAB.
Design Highlights Of Skrillex's Spaceship MK3 
Check out the design highlights of Skrillex's set, the Spaceship MK3, including lighting, paneling, and structure.
MBox Projects On Moving Canvas For Mercedes Launch
For the world premiere of the 2014 Mercedes V-Class in Munich, Mbox used CAST BlackTrax realtime tracking to project visual designs onto a moving canvas.
The Party Drone Hexacopter That Raves At Festivals 1
The Party Drone, a hexacopter, accompanies festival-goers with their favorite songs and a neat LED light show.
Scenes From Kiss Me Kate 
Check out scenes from the revival of Kiss Me Kate, a Pasadena Playhouse production.
Photo by F. Scott Schafer
It's Only A Play Opens On Broadway
It's Only A Play opens today on Broadway at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre. Check out scenes from the production.
5Qs: Jeremy Railton, Entertainment Design Company 
Principal designer for Entertainment Design Corporation, an award-winning experiential design and attraction company, Jeremy Railton went from making puppets out of clay to designing for the Opening Ceremonies at the 2002 Winter Olympics.
Blue LEDs Win Nobel Prize In Physics
The 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to three scientists for the invention of blue light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, which carved the way for energy efficient and environmentally friendly, white light sources.

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