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The Land You Never Thought Would Be Found
Currently in production at ART through September 28, is Finding Neverland, a musical based on the 2004 film, which depicts how J.M. Barrie wrote Peter Pan.
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New Kid On The Strip: SLS Las Vegas Grand Opening
The SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino opened at midnight Saturday, August 23.
Pygmalion Minds The Gap
Director Devon Jones took that thread and wove it into the Flat Earth Theatre's production of Pygmalion, set in the London Underground, overseen by a totalitarian police state.
Vegas, Anyone? Here's The Perfect Excuse To Get Away
It’s that time of year again: the 27th LDI Trade Show and Conference for live event professionals, where more than 9,700 attendees from 88 countries will come to see the 350+ exhibitors.
Guesstimate: How Many Moving, Wooden Balls On Strings?
Can you guess how many wooden balls on strings comprise the new sculpture, Breaking Wave, in the lobby of Biogen-Idec, a biotech company in Cambridge, MA?
5Qs: Steven Friedlander, Auerbach Polluck Friedlander
Recently promoted to president of Auerbach Pollock Friedlander, a leading performing arts/theatre and media facilities planning and design firm, Steven Friedlander, ASTC, MIES, has also previously operated SFA, Inc., his own theatre consulting firm in New York, and spent 20 years as a lighting designer and production manager.
Audiophile-Grade Headphones And Phono Cartridges From The Grado Family
This family has been producing high-quality, handmade headphones from their Brooklyn home since 1953.
Become Living CGI: A Projection Mapped Face Mask
Now projection artist Nobumichi Asai has erased the need for applying makeup as she combines realtime face tracking and projection mapping to turn a woman's face into living CGI.
Broadway's Magical Secrets Revealed: Blue-Collar Broadway
Blue-Collar Broadway, written by Timothy R. White, uncovers 130 years' worth of the behind the scenes efforts of those who worked in carpentry, painting, costuming, and lighting to make Broadway the symbol it is today.
The Rigging Book Of The Century
Entertainment Rigging for the 21st Century explains what is happening, why, and how, with details on technology and methodology that is accessible for both riggers and non-riggers.
Top 4 Reasons To Enter The Elation Professional Software Giveaway Contest
Why not? Ask yourself that when you consider entering the Elation Professional giveaway contest. It's free. It's easy. And could very well be your lucky ticket.
Live To Perform Another Day: Labor Crisis Avoided At The Met
Two unions acknowledged the seriousness of the Met's financial stability and agreed to their first pay cuts in decades, while the Met reduced their heavy demands and promised to share the cuts on the adminstrative side as well.
Go Ahead, Marvel At This Superhuman Production Process 
It takes some superhuman power to create such a complex production of never before seen stunts for the live entertainment event of Marvel Comics' greatest heroes and villains.
Twinkle, Twinkle Rising Star, Nominate One And They'll Go Far
Nominate young designers who are quickly scaling the ladders for the 2015 Rising Star Award.
One And Done: The Happiest Projection Mapped Music Video, Shot In One Take
You can't help but clap your hands at this projection mapped music video, not just because it will make you happy, but also because it was shot in just one take.

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