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LDI New Product: Lycian Stage Lighting 1299 Followspot
Lycian’s model 1299 followspot prototype uses a miniaturized Xenon module with integrated heat sinks to produce a beam brighter than the manufacturer’s 1295 ELT.
LDI New Product: Point-of-Rental Software Enterprise
Enterprise from Point-of-Rental Software is designed to optimize complex operations for the advanced rental business.
LDI New Product: Wireless Solution W-DMX UglyBox MK2
W-DMX UglyBox MK2 from Wireless Solution is a new tool geared toward rental and installation companies.
2015 MTV EMAs In Milan
2015 MTV Europe Music Awards were held last month at the Mediolanum Forum in Milan, Italy, with production and lighting design by Tom Kenny.
LDI New Product: Swisson XPD-28 Amber/Blue Splitter
XPD-28 from Swisson is an optically isolated 2:8 DMX splitter and RDM hub that features two DMX inputs (A and B) and eight DMX outputs.
LDI New Product: RGB Lights sPDS-480x
The sPDS-480x power/data supply from RGB Lights was developed to provide users of LED lighting and video installations with high pixel counts an outdoor-rated enclosure.
Alt-J Tours North America Lighting Plots 
Jeremy Lechterman's latest design for Alt-J was supplied in North America by Upstaging and PRG XL Video and is heading to Europe for the final leg of the tour, supplied by Lite Alternative and PRG XL Video.
LDI New Product: PK Sound Trinity
Trinity from PK Sound has been designed specifically to provide headroom, with a 6,000W Class D amplifier that maximizes power and aims to ensure clarity.
LDI New Product: Cineo Lighting Quantum 120
Quantum 120 from Cineo Lighting is a 4’x4’ flat panel LED light source for TV studio and film lighting.
The 49th Annual CMA Awards 
Last week's CMAs featured production design by Bruce Rodgers, under the creative direction of Lee Lodge, with lighting design by Bob Dickinson and Jon Kusner of Full Flood.
Scenes Around LDI 2015
Missed LDI, or just want to reminisce already? Check out scenes from in and around LDI, from booths and awards to Master Classes and more.
Alt-J Tours North America
Jeremy Lechterman of FragmentNine is back designing for Alt-J, this time for some North America autumn dates that just wrapped what the designer calls a "sort of the greatest hits of design ideas we’ve been playing with all rolled into this tour."
LDI New Product: PRG GroundControl Followspot System
The PRG GroundControl™ Followspot System allows a technician to remotely operate a high output automated luminaire as a followspot from up to 2,000’ away on the ground.
LDI Video Chat: Syncrolite
At the Syncrolite booth at LDI, Ola Melzig, technical director for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, checks out the new SyncroMITE Beam.
LDI Video Chat: Ayrton/Morpheus Lights
Ola Melzig, technical director for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, takes us on a whirlwind tour of his favorite gear at this year's LDI and checks out the Ayrton/Morpheus Lights booth.
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